Saving Grace

Inspired by a sarcastic note on the wall of a local burger joint, I owe this one entirely to the German sense of humor and the woes of big-city renting.

No matter which city you live in, it’s almost a guarantee that people complain about the housing situation. It’s hard to find an apartment. The ones you can find are either gross or grossly overpriced. Though my city has it better than most dense metro areas in Germany, it’s a common complaint here too. You kind of just… get through it, somehow.

But one of my neighbors had a point to make.

My fiance and I were at our local burger joint, which offers doodle papers and colored pencils to entertain you (or, more likely, your children) while the food is prepared. I happened to see a particularly hilarious note written on one of these papers and pinned to the cork board above our table. I took a picture of it with the caption:

“You might say apartment hunting is… SOUL CRUSHING.”

It was the cleverest thing I could come up with, based on what the anonymous, frustrated Einwohner/in had written. From the note and the caption, the story idea was born!

Read the story to figure out what the note said! I am currently still revising and submitting it, so please keep your fingers crossed for me and check back regularly or subscribe to get important updates on this and more.